Fat Sally’s was turning 10 and required a refreshed look to take it through the next decade. The major design challenge was to ensure that a refit welcomed new customers while still ensuring it retained it’s current clientele.

The Victorian era building had exposed brick, high stud and timber flooring. We determined an industrial theme with a sleek black and white palette to highlight exposed brick. We decided to retain the original bar but breathe new life through painting tired wood in black, additional panels of pressed tin, and coloured track lighting that could change depending on event.

A light box logo behind the bar provided the central focus supported by built in shelving and wood box. New furniture reflected the industrial theme which was complemented by living green walls in metallic planter boxes. 

Our brief included new logo, marketing material and menu design. 

‘The new design and finished look has exceeded any expectations that I had, the finished project has received amazing positive feedback from old customers and has attracted many new customers. All customer feedback has been incredibly positive and staff are enjoying working in the new environment and find the new design easier to operate in.

Thanks to Design Federation and Annabel we now have a bar in town that is up to a standard that would fit into any city in New Zealand. I feel it has cemented us another decade in a very competitive market.’

Sally Ann Donnelly, Owner, Fat Sallys Restaurant & Bar