Kingdom Diffuser - Vetiver & Ivy

Kingdom Diffuser - Vetiver & Ivy


Scent: Vetiver & Ivy

A contemporary style diffuser for lovers of elegance and modest sophistication.

A mysteriously masculine edge with warm, earthy, smoky notes that suddenly finds you in a softly lit cocktail bar, sipping on a dry martini. Subtle kicks of freesia, cedar, mistletoe and musk tease the senses. So exotic, yet so familiar.

It's classy, it's cool, it's sexy and it's got a distinct air of intrigue that lends in it's irresistibility.

Fragrance Notes - Freesia, ivy, cedar leaf, fir, mistletoe, musk, sandalwood, leather, lime, oud, amber, smoked oak, vetiver, frankincense, coastal spices

Size: 200ml Up to 6 months of scent dispersion.


Unscrew black collar and remove the bung. Place silk fibre sticks into the mineral oil and leave to absorb for around 15 minutes.  After the oil has absorbed slightly, we recommend flipping the sticks to ensure a stunning scent dispersion throughout your space.

Flip the silk fibre sticks weekly to keep them fresh and scent dispersion ongoing. As long as instructions are followed, each diffuser will last up to six months.

Do not light reeds. Keep well out of reach of children and pets. This product is not for human consumption.

If the oil is accidentally spilled, ensure to remove the oil from the surface immediately.  Failure to remove spilt oil could result in a damaged surface.  Take care when flipping the silk fibre sticks, have a cloth on hand ready​ to remove any spilt mineral oil.

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